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6 Things To Know About DMK Enzyme Therapy

6 Things To Know About DMK Enzyme Therapy

6 Things To Know About DMK Enzyme Therapy

Nobody is excited to experience aging, and if it’s possible, we would like to slow it down as much as possible. Fortunately, thanks to modern knowledge and aesthetic treatments, you can effectively slow down aging by practicing good habits and frequently experiencing treatments. If you are curious about these treatments, DMK Enzyme Therapy is an excellent example of a treatment that can slow down aging. 

Most anti-aging solutions are rarely truly effective in slowing down aging, and while they do work, they are barely adequate. The problem with most anti-aging products is that they only work on the skin’s surface—there’s no action underneath. If you want to work with your skin, you need to find a way to work inside and out. 

What better than facial treatment solutions? Much better if you try out a DMK Enzyme therapy. So what is this therapy? To help you decide if it’s worth the investment or not, here are 6 things you need to know about DMK Enzyme therapy. 

1.) More Than Your Typical Facial Treatment

Facial aesthetic treatments refer to non-surgical treatments that offer anti-aging and rejuvenating properties. They remove your skin’s blemishes and actively enhance your natural aesthetics. These treatments typically target areas more affected by the aging process, aiming to create an overall naturally pleasing face. 

However, most of these treatments also work on the skin’s surface, not really enhancing the skin deep within. While others enrich the skin’s inner layers, they only do that to the extent of enhancing collagen production. While undoubtedly still effective, they do not work on other biological properties on your skin. 

What Sets Apart DMK Enzyme Therapy

What sets apart DMK Enzyme therapy from the rest of the facial treatments is that it works on your skin’s internal systems to achieve anti-aging results. It took numerous research and experiments behind the concept of this treatment to ensure that it works as intended. 

The therapy uses three enzyme formulas for the face, and each of these enzymes acts like a hormone-like signal that induces the skin to make an immediate response. Your skin increases blood flow by opening the capillaries, allowing extra oxygen and other nutrients to flow into your facial skin. Your lymphatic drainage also experiences more circulation as a side effect, helping clean out some unwanted foreign substances on your skin. 

2.) Has Numerous Benefits

Every skin cell needs nutrients to function suitably, and the increased blood flow allows more essential vitamins, nutrients, and other amino acids. These essential nutrients will seep more deeply into the skin, ensuring that the skin will not lack anything. This gives space for the skin to be less stressed out, focusing instead on rejuvenation by keeping a youthful and refreshed look. 

The treatment can help you deal with acne, pigmentation, scars, rosacea, and other aging skin blemishes. You can also expect a brighter complexion, tighter skin, and supple and firm skin. It’s the complete package in everything you can ask for in a facial aesthetic treatment. 

3.) Detoxifies The Skin

However, the benefits of DMK Enzyme Therapy won’t work if the skin is not detoxified. The treatment also calls for detoxification and not just more essential nutrients. If some unwanted radicals and other toxins stay behind, the skin would be stressed and unable to rejuvenate itself. So to remove these toxins, the therapy uses what’s called reverse osmosis. 

To facilitate detoxifying properties, the mixture in the formula is ionized, drawing out the skin’s impurities. It forces the fluids within the cells into its outer membrane, flushing out the impurities. 

You will feel the detoxification when the masque is applied to your face for 45 minutes. You can feel it working when you feel a faint pulsing sensation. 

4.) Non-Invasive

The idea that to achieve beauty, you need to try out cosmetic surgeries that involve using a knife is an old one. Thanks to modern aesthetic treatments like DMK Enzyme therapy, there’s no longer much use for them. 

The therapy is relatively straightforward. Your provider will apply the formula to your face and neck, and soon enough, it will start to harden. Eventually, you will feel like it will harden like cement, thoroughly tightening the skin while you lie on the bed for the next 45 minutes. You’ll be surprised at first, but soon you will feel a gentle satisfaction; you will really feel the enzyme formulas doing their work. 

It’s quite a soothing experience, and there’s nothing like it. 

5.) It’s For Everyone, And Won’t Hurt

Unlike other facial aesthetic treatments that can only work if you have a particular skin tone, this treatment applies to anyone. For example, specific laser aesthetic treatments won’t work if you have a darker skin tone, and that’s cause a darker skin tone absorbs all the light energy, causing burns. 

Other facial aesthetic treatments also will kind of hurt when you experience them. While they are not the kind of pain you can’t tolerate, they are still uncomfortable. These treatments require numbing creams or topical anesthetics before the treatment. 

While on the other hand, DMK Enzyme therapy is for everyone and won’t hurt the patient. The reason why it’s for everyone is cause it works deep within the skin layers, and everyone has the same biology underneath. However, there could still be certain reasons why this treatment may not be applicable for you, so consult a doctor first. 

6.) It Will Take More Than One Treatment

However, just like most aesthetic treatments, DMK Enzyme therapy will take more than just one treatment to work its wonder. It will take at least three treatments before you see skin-strengthening, rejuvenation, and other anti-aging benefits. You may need as many as 6-12 more treatments to achieve more optimal results.

Your provider may also offer some products to enhance the results more. Consult with your provider so that they can advise you on how many treatments you need for your current skin condition. 


If you are interested in DMK Enzyme Therapy, let us know by contacting us and reaching out to our clinic, Pelle Dolce Aesthetics. We offer services that aim to help our clients achieve their ideal aesthetics. 


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